Is There a Solution?

So I suppose the main question to address after presenting you with the information in this blog would be:

Is there a solution?

And, if there is a solution, how does one approach the issue of how social media influences body image with such a solution?

As basic as it may sound, one of the best ways to diminish the influence social media has upon an individual’s perception of body image is to diminish use of social media.

Or, better yet, to cut out social media use entirely.

Seems far to simple, right?

Think about it, though. Throughout this blog I have addressed countless ways in which social media websites manipulate body image, a person’s sense of self-worth, self-confidence, and overall self-evaluation and appreciation simply by being active on such websites and engaging in use of their features, such as posting photos and statuses.

So if social media use could be reduced and eventually cut out entirely, a person’s individual experience with negative body image influence would also be reduced or cut out entirely.

By making a conscious effort to reduce the amount of time spent on social media websites, a person will encounter and face less exposure to the elements of social media that influence how they see their bodies.

Unfortunately, to a vast majority of people, reducing the amount in which they interact with social media websites is likely considered to be too much of a challenge, meaning the task of refraining from using it entirely is deemed simply impossible.

But if a change is expected to be made in terms of how greatly social media websites impact body image, a change must at least be attempted.

Perhaps if an individual approaches the task of reducing use of social media in a step-by-step manner, the end goal of not using it whatsoever would become more attainable. For example, start by cutting back on use of one specific social media website. Once this has been achieved, move onto the next, and continue this process until satisfaction is reached.

Ultimately, social media and body image perception are connected in countless ways, and in order to reduce how much social media influences body image, use of social media must be reduced.

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